What We Do

More than ever there is a need to be imaginative, intelligent and strategic in your communications – we thrive on that challenge.  Our communication campaigns drive change, shape awareness and produce tangible outcomes.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications is the skill of perception management. It is your business strategy and model properly understood by everyone - including you. To shift mindsets, today's brand must focus on establishing strong, trusted relationships with partners, customers, investors, governments, regulators and the media. We know how to create smart communication strategies with impact.

Strategic Communications Planning

Clearly the first step in any concerted communications effort. Understanding your brand, the messages and selecting the audiences, tools and channels of communication. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to distil key information from clients who can at times get too close to the wood to see the trees.

Public Relations Campaigns

We work with companies of all sizes, from start ups to international organisations delivering PR campaigns across multiple industry sectors and geographies. We are able to reach global, regional, national and local niche audiences. We take companies from anonymity to industry leaders.

Digital PR

We help brands succeed in a world where technology challenges convention and customers can decide whether a brand lives or dies by social media. Combining traditional and digital communications we help our clients share stories with their target audiences. We create winning content, including company blogs, CEO blogs, videos, news releases and articles.

Thought Leadership

Becoming an industry thought leader can be a powerful tool in building substantial businesses. To become a thought leader, you start with the strategy. We help leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better through their thought leadership, professional branding and reputation management.

Crisis & Reputation Management

Bad things happen to good people. We know how to deal with the positive and negative. There is always an underlying reason for someone attacking your reputation on-line and our legal expertise means we can support decisive and swift action. Staff problems, product contamination, consumer misunderstandings, corporate fraud, compliance, personal reputation issues, we have had many years of experience in dealing sensitively and effectively with these kinds of crises.

Litigation PR

We help manage the communications around legal cases. This can be concerning high profile corporate cases, class actions and employment disputes where an organisation’s reputation is at stake. The need for Litigation PR has grown tremendously as media coverage of court cases and the law has increased.  Usually the two parties to a lawsuit have important interests to defend that expand way beyond legal concerns. Negative publicity about a corporation can cause damage to the overall reputation that even a courtroom win may never salvage. 

Environmental, Social & Governance

A company’s identity and reputation is tied up with the way it behaves and conducts itself in the world. We conceive corporate responsibility campaigns with meaning and impact to underpin and strengthen overall business strategy, corporate brand and reputation. This is any organisation’s soft underbelly because of its growing importance in customer’s conscious choices.

Public affairs

We have created and implemented public affairs strategies for organisations in regulated, newly established and controversial business sectors. This includes energy, electric transport, financial services and new technology companies. It is all about creating a positive climate of opinion and favourable starting points with the right stakeholders at all levels. The challenge is in the ability to bring relevant solutions to the problems of society today.

Media Training

One misplaced comment can have damaging consequences. We give you the inside track on how to handle the media and stay on message, whether you want to limit damaging news or promote positive messages.