Who We Are

People with common mind-sets and values find each other to achieve amazing things…


The definition of Enlightenment is ‘The State of Understanding’ and it stems from a long history of innovators and thinkers which can be distilled to wise council. 

We are a Collaborative of professionals with common values, integrity and work ethic who choose to work together. Enlightened PR was founded to bring together like-minded exceptional talent that doesn’t cost clients the earth. 

Public Relations consultancies can’t all employ and retain ‘the best’ all the time without passing the cost on the client. So Enlightened PR take a different approach and has developed a better way of working. The aim is to provide affordable and relevant service with consistent results. 

The DNA that runs through an organisation comes from the top

Sabine Raabe - Founder

A woman who tackles any challenge and turns it into an opportunity…

A high calibre PR Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience of tackling the most complex communications challenges, Sabine advises UK and international companies on all aspects of Communications and Reputation Management.  Her specific expertise is the development and implementation of communication strategies to underpin branding, open up new markets, drive demand from key stakeholders and create a favourable climate of opinion at all levels. 

Sabine has consistently perceived and implemented innovative B2B and B2C communications campaigns in a variety of business sectors, to substantially grow the business of the companies she works with.  She has led headline making campaigns and strategic partnerships with blue chip and high profile organisations, including Tesco plc, Green Flag, British Aerospace, British Airways, Bupa, Norwich Union, and Granada Digital. 

Topics covered include sustainability, electric transport, peer-to-peer finance, energy, technology, healthcare, digital transformation, and litigation PR on high profile legal cases. Through her parliamentary work she is able to provide valuable insight into the workings of local, national and international government policy making for organisations operating in regulated, ethical or new markets. 

She will throw herself completely behind anything that evokes her enthusiasm, empathy and tenacity or just needs a dose of her German efficiency.  Added to this mix is a quick mind trained in effective lateral thinking techniques.